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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Topsy Turvey

Okay, so yesterday was a Twilight Zone day for me.  I went to the dentist, as planned, and when I got there I asked if they were running on time.  The cheeky reply was “Yes we are.  But your appointment is for tomorrow” Cute.  Well, I was in such agony yesterday (which should have been my “good” day) I wasn’t about to come in today….and besides, I had an acupuncture appointment for today.

So I cancelled.  And gosh, re-scheduling only took five minutes to find a timeslot that would work….I have to do it after “patch day” and they need two hours.  Then started thinking I had flip flopped the appointments.  Topsy Turvy day.  But thankfully, that wasn’t the case because she had been on vacation and I am a physical minefield.  Well, I am anyway, but without her help, I am a lot worse.

Staying in the moment has been very, very difficult   I realized (again and again) that it hurts more, much more, when my mind is elsewhere in the dark.  Elsewhere as in distraction is a good thing, but elsewhere as in dark and scary is not.  Pulling myself back to the present and remembering that there is only the moment is a challenge.  Because the moment isn’t always pleasant.  But that’s not the point.  The point is to be present, always, and to know that there is no such thing as the future.  There is now,  and now, and only now.

So I just got back and I almost didn’t go because it’s so bad today.  But my helper pushed me and I’m glad she did.  She works with essential oils too, so between that and the acupuncture and the gentle chiropractic, I feel better.  Pam also insisted on going to the store without me (before my appointment) and so I cut the list down because I didn’t have a lot of cash and she got what I needed.  The rest can wait, no big deal.

So I had some roasted chicken, some leftover potatoes and fruit.  And some cookies.  And I sure hope things start moving again.   She sells some “can’t find them in the stores” supplements, one of which is great for my gastro issues.  It’s a food supplement from a place only doctors can order from.  It helps.  Expensive, but worth it.

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