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Friday, January 4, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

Well, as I wrote yesterday, the withdrawal episodes only last about 24 hours and I am better today in terms of those symptoms.  Plus,  yesterday was patch day so today is one of the good ones.  Good enough to go out for a few things with Pam and pick up two books waiting for me patiently at the library.  And I got two more with a gift card the other day, so I’m set book wise.  I panic if there isn’t anything to read.

Pam does such an incredible job and so fast we don’t always use the hours allotted to me.  She needs to slow down!  I have an appointment next week with my healer which I’m looking forward to because she took time off for the holidays so this is my first time in a while.  The pain is still pretty bad most days and I’m less functional than I was in the early days when the demonic methadone was my drug of choice for the pain.  The Fentanyl patch works, but I have to take my breakthrough drug too and I hate it.  So marijuana, it still is!

Speaking of drugs, two people told me I should watch “Breaking Bad” a show I never would have seen myself watching, from the few ads I’ve seen.  I don’t get the channel it’s on and I thought it was a reality show about criminals.  Well, it’s about criminals but it is fascinating.  Like Battlestar Gallactica, the characters are very three dimensional and interesting and the story is fascinating.  With all my drug issues, I had a hard time with the first few episodes, but now I just finished season two and I’m hooked.  Unfortunately, after season four I’ll have to wait another six months for the next season to come out on Netflix or DVD.  I hope Netfilx doesn’t pull it before I have a chance to finish it.  That’s the problem with streaming; you never know when they will pull it and I don’t want to sit and watch it all day.

It does bring up all my anger and issues over people who use that junk “recreationally” I think part of the problem is the lexicon we use.  The word we should use to describe people who use drugs with no medical reason should be “Idiotically”.  Just a thought.   Anyway, I’m better today.

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