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Friday, January 25, 2013

Ah, The Great Mysteries!

Ah, the great mysteries of the human body!   As I wrote in another piece, what a miracle it is to be born whole and how unlikely is it, really, for that to happen given all that could go wrong in the cell dividing process of becoming human.  In the case of NF, the culprit, thanks to science is identified in genes 17 and 22 on that ladder of life, DNA.  That twisting, turning Escher-like double helix, the tell-tale spell binding truth of who we are, what we are likely to become.    Being born whole seems almost impossible, doesn’t it?  And truth be told, being born completely whole doesn’t happen all that often.  As Rosanna Dana (Gilda Radner) once said (in the original SNL) “It’s always something” That I heard growing up nearly every day of my life.

So yesterday was Hell, today Heaven (in comparison) and I’m thanking G-d for every second of it.  The 1 ½ hours I was out today.  Getting. Things. Done.  With my helper of course, but getting groceries (two stores) and looking for a new throw (two stores) for my couch.  The other one sheds worse than Oliver.  Every time Pam vaccumes, it picks up CLOUDS of red dust.  I find it in my dryer, too.  It will be a long time before it is no longer handing around (kind of like my methadone withdrawal) but it won’t be causing any more havoc.   And the new one is thicker and warmer, which my friends will be very appreciative of because even though I have the heat on, it is still kind of chilly in here.  And the heater is noisy so it’s hard to hear movies and each other’s voices.  And it was on sale.  Win-win for everyone!

So, my mind is all a-flutter, trying to figure out why yesterday was such a nightmare while today, though in pain (it’s always there…it’s the degree that vacillates), is doable.  See?  I wrote yesterday that trying to figure out why it is the way it is does nothing but drive us bad.  And now I am trying to figure out why it is better (first day on new patch does make a difference) today.  Just stick a fork in me, I seem to be done.

My sister is coming over on Sunday….that will be nice. She hurt her back (her job requires standing on her feet all day) and is seeing a really good chiropractor (no back crunching which SOUNDS good but is really doing more harm or nothing at all) and I’ve been worried about her.  She is going to bring over Whole Food treats, which is always a treat for me!  So that will be fun.  Then a friend is coming over that evening.  I will see how I am doing after my sister leaves.  It’s patch day on Sunday so I’ll jump in the shower while she’s still here and change the patch later if it’s too early.

 (I tried to find a clip of Gilda Radner doing "It's Always Something" but none are posted on You Tube except spoofs on it....I wanted the original.)

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