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Saturday, April 14, 2012


There has been a lot written about how to ‘survive’ a catastrophe, be it man made or a Mother Nature event.  Water, food, etc.  And of course, medication.  As tornado season is upon us, I thought I’d add my two cents worth.  I have always kept my meds in a plastic container that I keep close at hand.  My back up meds are in a bag where I can reach it too.   A ‘grab and go’ kind of thing.  Make sure yours are somewhere accessible, though by definition of a catastrophe, what is accessible now may not be.  Just do your best to choose.
But truth be told, I would not want to survive something catastrophic.  I would not want to survive something that would render me without a place to be comfortable.  So in case of such an event, having a bottle of water and all my pills is all I need.  But that’s because I’m ill.  If I were well, I’m not sure how I would feel.
Okay, here’s an update from my “Medical Sadism” post.  I finally got the referral to be seen in the Digestive Diseases clinic at the U.  I called to make the appointment, and now they tell me they aren’t even scheduling any further out right now, and I have to call back next week.  If it weren’t so pathetic, it would be funny.  I feel like Dorothy, who had to go back for the broom from the wicked witch of the west.  Only I need a broom from the one in the north, the south, the east and every other corner of the globe.  My appointment won’t be until mid June when they finally make it (no exaggeration; they are booked until the end of May, which is why they aren’t taking more appointments now).  By then, whatever is causing my digestion to not respond to much of anything (even when I do manage to eliminate, it’s not much) will have progressed even more.
I realize it is probably the opiates, but the abrupt change has me questioning it.  I’m eating everything that would cause a normal person to stay close to a bathroom for days on end.  Beets, papaya, leafy dark greens, plums, kiwi, strawberries. And fresh fish, quinoa (my only grain besides the occasional slice of toast….seedy bread).  My food bill is through the roof and I’m only feeding myself.  Oliver gets his own brand of health food.  He seems to do fine in that department.  Maybe I should try a litter box.
A while ago, I bragged about how my method worked wonders…and it did, for four years.  I am thankful for that, believe me.  If you are having problems and haven’t tried this method, I suggest you do.  It’s 500 mg of magnesium in the morning with ½ cup of yogurt and fresh seasonal fruit, sprinkled with flax seed meal.  The meal, not the seeds, though that might work too.  They just get stuck in your teeth.  Then repeat the magnesium in the evening.  My constipation cleared up in THREE DAYS.  After years of dealing with it, I was cured!!!!  But alas, it stopped working.  I thought it was the brand of the magnesium, but I don’t think so now.
Suggestions, anyone?

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