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Saturday, April 28, 2012


It’s a glorious morning outside though it is suppose to rain for the next four days, including today.  But for now  the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the flowers are blooming and it’s a bit chilly.  Thought the weather report would be a fine way to start this entry. Yes, from where I lay, it is lovely.  The pain is kind of bad right now, but mornings are like that until my first dose kicks in.  I’ve been cutting back again.  Just can’t stand what they do to me, though the damage is already done. 
For the past three or four years, I’ve been one of the judges for a writing contest that is offered online.  Can’t say which one, in case someone who reads this enters it.  It’s fun to do and takes my mind off of things.  Plus, I love to read how other people write.  So if ever someone out there wants me to post something you’ve written, NF related or not, email it to me and I will post it as is….with or without your name, up to you!    Come on, it will be fun!!!
Okay, I think I have a plan for my digestive health now.  Instead of taking Miralax every day, I take it every other….I don’t want it to get too blocked of course, but taking too much (as I learned) isn’t good either.  The doc who said I could take “as much as I wanted” was wrong about that.  And I won’t go into why!!  Nothing  much more on the NF front lines, at least for me….today!
I keep my cell phone in the bathroom at night in case I fall in there in the middle of the night and can’t get to my phone.  So yesterday morning, it went flying out of my hands and landed in the drink (toilet).  Yuk.  Luckily, it was a clean bowl.  I fished it out, quickly dried it (though I forgot to open the back…until it was too late) and it worked fine for about 30 minutes….then it was toast.   The last thing I can afford is a new phone and they have you coming and going.  Every time one breaks, the one you have isn’t available anymore, and the cords are different…it’s maddening.  So I went to Verizon and was having a hissy fit about the cost and the poor guy was trying to help me (though it was taking a LONG time…he was on the computer looking up my data for at least 15 minutes and when you are in pain….well, you know. 
Anyway….it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  You gotta open your mind to that, and I usually figure it out after the hissy fit.  So I bought the new phone, but because my minute usage is so low, and because I’m on the lowest plan possible, he told me I should buy pre-paid minutes and when I use them up, just buy more….that way, no phone bill every month…AND, based on what I use, $100 should last me a year!!  It’s a 25 cents per minute which sounds high, but as he pointed out, right now I’m spending $36 a month which comes out to a DOLLAR a minute!!!  Nuts, eh?  So now, I’m saving over $300 a year, if I keep the minutes as low as I have been.  So check into that if you use your cell for mostly emergencies/back up, like I do.  And I don't text.  No kids, no reason.   Though a friend just told me that in the event of a national disaster, voice mail might go down but texting won't.  I haven't a clue whether or not it's true.  I'll go to Snopes and find out!
I’m reading this great mystery by Jo Nesbo right now entitled “The Redbreast”  He’s written four or five mysteries…he’s Norwegian.  I love the mystery writers from Norway and Sweden.  Very complex stories, at least the ones I’ve read.   I’m going to start a “Favorite Books” list.  With so much time on our hands (if you are in pain like me), reading is fundamental to keeping your mind occupied.  At least for me.  I watch a lot of movies too, but during the day, I read until my eyes blur. 
A dear friend of mine just found out she needs knee surgery.  She has been a dancer all her life (not professionally, but she dances a lot) and now she has knee and foot problems.  I wish I could help her when the time comes, but thankfully, she has a husband, friends and neighbors who will be able to help her.  She is centrally located and if I’m having a good day, I could visit too if she wanted.  But she’s a bit scared, I am sure.  She said “I’m not use to this” which is true…she’s one of the healthiest people I know.

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