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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lime in the Coconut

Must stop reading Huffington Post.  Again.  Makes me crazy.  Boredom or being driven nuts, that’s the question.  With all the cutbacks in social services, I’m doubting more and more that I’ll get help.  As I wrote, when I did it online it told me I didn’t qualify for anything except maybe some food stamps.  I wouldn’t turn it down, but it’s not what I need.
You know what?  I truly don’t care anymore.  My laxative didn’t work last night.  Oh-oh.  Not a good sign.  Can’t afford the shot, but if I went to the ER, they’d give it to me.   Not quite ready for that yet though, it’s only been a day.  I’m just feeling so lousy….it feels like I have a bowel movement all the time but nothing is there…it just feels like a big bowling ball wanting to come out.  I need a new trick.
I ate some papaya and that was nice and soothing.  But I went to three stores to find another, and no one had it except one store…but they only had one left and it was four dollars.  FOUR DOLLARS for ONE papaya.  Aye yai yai!  Time for papaya enzymes.  Not as good, but better than nothing, honey.
Or, I could try this. Doctor!  Is there nothing I can take I said Doctor! To relieve this belly ache....listen, enjoy!

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