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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vivere et vivere

I saw my healer yesterday.  I’m starting some liver detoxifying supplements for a week.  She said the reason my intestines aren’t responding to all the stuff I’m doing is because the liver is challenged from all the drugs.   I mentioned that my liver function test came back normal, but she said the western way for testing isn’t the same as what she is talking about.  I believe her.  So I started them yesterday.
I’m so tired of this stuff I could spit. I should see if I can find a spittoon somewhere and place it next to my couch.  I don’t think they make those anymore!
I’m trying to stay away from the news; it seems to me that when I go online to read things, or when I watch it on television, my mind goes soft and I stop writing here. Must stop.  Must stop now.  I prefer to write.
I use to love Anderson Cooper, but that stupid show of his has got to go.  He’s making an idiot of himself with those guests of his.   I hope he returns to his former life as a correspondent.  Point in fact: yesterday, he had on a woman who WANTS to be a paraplegic; she goes through life in a wheelchair and leg braces even though she needs neither.  She downhill skis in the hopes of breaking her back.  I found it horrifically offensive, given my situation and the situation of so many others out there.  She claims she was born in the wrong body and has known her entire life she was suppose to be in a wheelchair.
On the other hand, and bear with me here, I sometimes feel I was born in the wrong body.  In fact, I have an excerpt from a poem called “Piano Solo” by Nicano Para that reads “I want to make a noise with my feet, I want my soul to find it’s proper body”  The whole poem is beautiful.  So if I want that, why shouldn’t she?  Even if what we want is the antithesis of each other?  Who can say what her soul experienced in another life (assuming we had them) or what event happened that made her want to be in a wheelchair?  Life is strange, and we are strangers to each other, so I don’t want to judge.
I think that being in the situation I am in, and the situation many of you are in, makes us more sensitive to other people’s predicaments, but it’s really hard not to just write off this woman as being “some kook”.  I think the Internet and the instant information age has made us more aware of the different kinds of people out there.  I feel like the world is shrinking more everyday and at some point, we will flicker out.
In the meantime, practicing patience, acceptance and gratitude is a must.  I kind of hate the word “tolerate” so I didn’t use it.  I hope we can do better than “putting up” with certain things.  Like the differences in how we love, how we pray, etc.  Of course, I would never tolerate the kind of hatred that seems to infuse certain people with the energy to take the kind of action (suicide bombers, for instance) that hurts others.

Other then that, Vivere et vivere (Live and Let Live)


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