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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Couch Trip

I’ve started to read the news online again, which is probably why my pain levels have been through the roof and my gastrointestinal problems have come roaring back to life.  Or ceased to function, however you wish to express it.  Need to stop it.  Now.  And that’s my wise advise to all those out there in pain who are news addicts.  Stop reading it, stop watching it.
The problem is boredom.  I read two books a week and write on my blog and other places, but the pain keeps me home 80% of the time, flat on my back.  What’s a girl gonna do?  My poor old kitty keeps me busy; he takes as many meds as I do!  Well, not quite, but you know…
And while I’m on the subject, I want to express my opinion about a drug worse than any opiate out there.  Television.  Comcast (don’t know how far their net is) is a drug like no other.  They keep ratcheting up the monthly fee and we keep paying it because they have us addicted to all the gazillion channels and options for watching.  Never mind that they have DISABLED the fast forward feature on their remote for watching programs after they aired.  We pay for that remote, I personally don’t think they have the right to disable something we pay for.  AND (I’m on a roll now) I called to get rid of everything but basic, and was going to get rid of the Internet and phone as well and find another provider and they told me the price for reception only and it’s MORE then it would be for lots of channels (if I got rid of the Internet and phone).

Talk about your rip-offs.  I don’t know what I’m going to do but I’ll tell you this: unless and until the vast majority of users call and cancel EVERYTHING including basic, they will keep on doing what they are doing; raising their rates every other month.  And the chances of the majority of people canceling is nil.  Even in this economy, people can’t live without television, it seems. I don’t miss it because I stream.  That may be the only saving grace.  And Comcast knows that.
So, on to other news.  I’ve spent so much  time flat on my back on my couch that it has broken down a bit and is uncomfortable for me.  So I went couch shopping and placed my current one on craigslist.  I have two people interested, and the first one sounds like a done deal.  Well, I’m giving it away because I figure the cost of having someone pick it up would be saved.  Now I need to coordinate the new one, which I need to go look at again today and arrange.  My loving father won some money at the casino and sent me some of his winnings, so half of it is paid for!
I talked to my sister in law about this and she offered to give me an old couch of theirs but it’s not right; I need one with specific features like “pillow” arms, not wood, which is what they have.  And I want microfiber because it’s the most comfortable, which theirs isn’t.  I thanked them and said no.   She said they would help me but I think she was talking about coordinating, not financial.  I asked for some help then decided I didn’t want it…they have a lot of expenses and I felt bad asking so I told them to forget it.
It’s hard sometimes…she told me about all the things they were doing, the trips they are going on, their daughter’s year abroad, their son is going to study in Vietnam for a semester….I start feeling like the slug that I am, and I went crazy and asked for help.
Does this happen to anyone else out there?  Anyone on disability who can barely make it month to month even with help?  I mean, literally every stick of furniture I have (except the couch and one chair) is over 30 years old.  It’s functional, I don’t care.  I just feel sorry for myself sometimes.  Mostly because of my situation and the pain.  And the constipation.  And everything that goes with being in chronic, intractable pain.

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