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Friday, February 3, 2012

SGK Shows True Colors (Not Pink)

In addition to having NF, I am a breast cancer survivor (no connection between the two, so say my doctors).  I was alarmed at the Susan G. Komen debacle this week and unimpressed with the “apology” that came later.  Too little, too late, as the saying goes.
Unfortunately for SGK, the lateness of their response to the outcry from the public gave people a chance to really take a look at the foundation, how much they actually give to research for finding a cure and how much they spend on advertising, salaries, etc.  In the end, only 20% of what you give to them goes to ‘finding the cure’. 
 I’m sure this must be true of other organizations but it doesn’t make it right.  People with money look at people like me, who live on disability and are ill, as having ‘no understanding’ of how things in life work.  Like that great scene in the movie “Friends with Money” where the character played by Jennifer Anniston couldn’t understand why the $1,000 a plate dinner didn’t just give the money directly to the cause (whatever it was) instead of spending all the money on the fancy dinner and the give-a-ways.   Her rich friends told her, in exasperation “BECAUSE THAT’S THE WAY IT’S DONE”
Unfortunately, that IS the way it’s done most of the time.  And in this case, it’s coming around to bite them in their pink behinds.  I would love to hear what the deceased Susan G Komen would have to say about all this.  After all, the whole thing was started in her name (died of breast cancer).
As for all the fanatics out there who think Planned Parenthood is nothing but an abortion mill, do your homework.  The name of the organization should tell you something.  They stand for PLANNED parenthood.  But they also do women’s healthcare in general; when I was in college, I used them and never once did I see anything that looked like an advertisement that read “Get Your Abortion Here”   Those wanting an abortion were counseled (so I was told by those that chose it) and it wasn’t an easy choice to make.  It never is.  The pro-lifers aren’t volunteering to raise the children they don’t want aborted.  Keep your beliefs off my body, I say.  It isn’t your body (and trust me, you don’t want my body) and you have no rights over it.
Perhaps I’ll start looking into how much CTF (Children’’s Tumor Foundation) spends on research, etc.  I never have.  But then, I don’t give to them either.
I think this is the beginning of the end of SGK.  My pink grocery bag might be worth something someday.  Maybe I’ll keep it to post on Ebay.

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