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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Green Team

I know that constipation comes with having NF, and when you add strong painkillers to the mix it doubles the discomfort, but this is ridiculous.  Short of blasting caps, I have tried everything, and I do mean everything, and nothing is moving anywhere.  Usually, when it has been a few weeks, I go running to the gastro person, but they never find anything out of the ordinary.  I am certain that there is a tumor way up high in my intestines that is causing this.
My usually fix just stops working sometimes.  Every morning, without fail, I eat a couple spoonful’s of lactose free yogurt with some fresh fruit and flaxseed meal, take 500 mg of magnesium in the morning and another 500 at night, 1000 mg of vit C; it ALWAYS works.  For most people, they’d have the opposite problem if they did all that.  For me, it just keeps things humming.  And when it stops, I add the usual stuff people take for this….none of it helps right now.
Don’t want to get graphic; this was graphic enough.  But since we all have the same challenges, I figure someone else out there may have the same problems.  If so, please tell me about it so I won’t feel so insane…..I don’t need your name; just comment on it so I know I’m not alone.  I’m sick to my stomach, I feel like I can’t go anywhere just in case it suddenly starts to work again (and there are things I need) and my brother came over earlier in the week and wanted to go to lunch but I couldn’t.   Then my sister came over the next day; same thing.   And my computer is on the fritz, which has nothing to do with anything except it’s getting harder and harder to write anything.
Oh….I got a call from the neurologist that my pain doc wanted me to see.  They wanted me to come in on the 1st at 8:30 in the morning, but there is no way I can get myself anywhere that early.  I’m up at 7; rising isn’t the issue.  Pain is.  And in rush hour traffic, it would be over an hour drive…not doable.   He said “But he wants to see you immediately”  But it has to wait until the 8th, at 10:30.  I’ll tell him all of this.  I already have a neurogenic bladder.  Methinks I now have a neurogenic bowel.   Augghhh!!
I suspect that the tightening of my jaw all night (night guard is worthless) might be causing some of my problems.  If I tighten my jaw, I’m surely tightening all my muscles.  I try to be aware of it during my waking hours; I notice my legs are tightening, my arms….every body part.  My body does that to protect myself from the pain, but the reverse is better for the pain.  I wonder why it tightens up like that if it makes it worse.  And I’m not sleeping well, so the tightening is probably just as bad at night as it is during the day.  Maybe it is even when I am sleeping.  Who knows?
Okay, regarding the title of my post.  I’ve been rubbing some cream (called “Cream of the Crop”  Clever, eh?)  in it that has 1% cannabis.  Legal.  Doctor’s order (in case the feds are watching)  I don’t ingest it and it really doesn’t help with the pain, but it feels nice rubbing it into my jaw and my feet..  If anyone out there lives somewhere that allows you to get it with a doctor’s order, I suggest you do so.  That is the ONLY thing that really helps.  I’d get rid of everything else, but I also need to function and can’t if I have too much wacky tabacky!
Ah, the joys of chronic illness!

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