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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lyrica a Bust

I haven’t felt much like writing.  The Lyrica is not working and the side effects are so bad I think I need to stop.  My anxiety is through the roof and I even hallucinated a few times.   I am bummed.  I really had hoped that it would work enough to give me a few good days more than I’m getting….which is about one day a week if I’m lucky.   I don’t know why I can’t tolerate it.  It’s been a month; the side effects were like this the first two weeks and I thought I could wait it out but I’m not so sure.  The pain doc wanted me to add more anti-anxiety stuff but I don’t want to take any more of that crap!   I hate this…..I just don’t know what to do.   Plus I read some awful stuff about withdrawal from Lyrica….supposed to be worse than opiate withdrawal, according to the forums I was on.  Of course, Neurontin is probably a similar experience and I’m not getting off of that.  It’s very hot….or will be later.  The humidity might be making the pain worse.

Pam goes in for her surgery on Friday, the 5th.   She said she’d be out four weeks…I hope it all works out for her.  I like Marti, but she’s not as good as Pam.  I think she has some social anxiety issues.  Most people who do this kind of work have as many problems as the people they are helping….maybe not physical, but they struggle.

I had some friends over on the 30th to celebrate my birthday but I was really out of it.  I think it was the Lyrica.  Otherwise, it was great seeing them all.


I just spoke to the pain doc nurse again and admitted to her that I was feeling suicidal for a day or two toward the end of the one month on Lyrica.  She kind of freaked on the phone and said "you didn't tell me that.   Stop it immediately"  And she said it's ridiculous to blame myself; I'm on so much other stuff, who knows about the interactions.  I do have a call into my primary to talk about maybe increasing my happy pill.

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