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Friday, March 1, 2013

Well That Was Interesting

Well that was interesting.   That disturbance I wrote about below?  It was the DEA breaking down the door of the person downstairs.   My other neighbor said the plaster all around the door is crumbled too.  And the manager had no idea what I was talking about when I called because of maintenance repair not yet done, and asked about the noise (I didn’t know at that time is was the DEA).

Later, when the maintenance guy came, he said the police wouldn’t tell them anything.   I still didn’t know about the DEA at that time, but called her when I found out.  I kind of doubt the DEA will pay for the door, which is $200, she told me.   Anyway, it was a major oxycontin drug raid, primarily done in Spokane, WA, but there was one person arrested in Mountlake Terrace, where I live.  The building I live in.  Right below me.  If this had happened when I moved it, I would have been concerned.  This woman they arrested has a toddler.  That ticks me off more than anything else.

But here is what is interesting to me.  Everything I wrote is true, but that alone doesn’t mean she is guilty.  My instant anger about her child was a clear indication that I had already tried and convicted her.  I’ve only said hello to her in the past, and never see her unless we both happen to be coming or going.  She is rarely home.

When I awoke later that morning, I had the thought that the police had banged on my door by mistake because it was so loud.  I asked myself what if they got the apartment wrong for real and I was dragged away?  What if all my neighbors thought I was a drug dealer?   I mean, I don’t look the picture of health and the few people I do know, know that I am sick.  But that’s a short walk to recreational drug user.   The bottom line is I only know what I read and hear about.

Having NF has taught me about the media as well.  I have seen so many mistakes about NF (always called a “disease” when it’s a disorder…two different things) that I have to wonder about everything I read.  And in today’s “as it happens” news culture, it’s hard to believe anything.

Anyway, my scripts came yesterday, I filled them, and I need that one right this minute….pain ratcheting up for some reason.  It’s patch day!  Yea!  Pam just was here and now she is at the store for me and then she’ll come back and finish up for the week.

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