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Monday, March 18, 2013


I decided after not being able to maneuver around very well in the house with my walker, that I needed a different type for my apartment and my doctor agreed.  So today, I went with Pam to the medical supply place near my home to pick one out.  The person who helped me wasn’t particularly helpful, but after both Pam and I asked a few questions (and getting the answers was like pulling teeth.  I don’t understand people.  It’s a MEDICAL SUPPLY place for heaven’s sake…one can presume that many of the customers will need a certain level of help and expertise….but that’s just me) and picked one out, and then another volley of questions about my other walker and who paid for it.  I must have told her four times that I paid for it, not my insurance but she kept driving the point home like I was lying.  I mean, I understand Medicaid and the rules.   Enough, already!   Another little buggaboo I have…when you are ill and on assistance, you’re stupid.  That is the assumption.   Always has been, always will be.  And when you get angry at the person talking to you like a three-year old with a learning disability, they see it as proof that they are right.  It’s endless.

Anyway, another leaf has fallen from the tree that is me.  I spoke with Ted today.  They took Hospice away from him because the drugs they put him on for pain have made a positive difference and he isn’t dying.  He TOLD them all this when they interviewed him for Hospice.  And they assured him Hospice wasn’t just for the dying anymore.  Now Medicaid changed their minds about it.  But he’s in a place where his pain will once again, not be managed, he’ll go back to being as miserable and debilitated as he was before Hospice, and he’ll have to go through the process again.  They system is sicker than every sick person in this friggin country, The United States of America, Inc.

Am I in a mood, or what?    

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