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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Got It!

I got my walker.  She called with the ok on Thursday, and I picked it up Friday.  Pam was with me, and suggested to the clerk (which I would NOT have thought about) that I also get “sliders” (not tennis balls) for the back, since wheels are on the front only so it’s hard to push around without them.  They had these cute ones that look like high top tennis shoes so I got those.  Pam requested she put them on, and I’m glad she did because I would not have known how to do it.  It took a bit of time and special equipment.  It’s unreal to me that these little things are not offered and the assumption is that it’s not a big deal.  Or the pressure of people waiting in line.  Well I wait in line, and when it’s my turn, it would be nice if it were a full service thing.  Again, it’s a medical supply place.  People need help.  Okay, that’s my rant for this post.

It is easier to manipulate around the apartment then the other walker.  Now it’s just a matter of getting used to using it.  Training myself to use it, that is.  I’m nothing if not stubborn.  But it’s in the living room with me and the most important thing is for me to grab it when I’m feeling weak or too medicated or the pain is through the roof instead of just the ceiling, lol.

My friend Anne is on her way over…she is such a good friend.  She comes by at least twice a month.  So does Roz.  I’m very lucky that way.  And I talk to my other friends, like Leslie and email other people out of state or my NF buddies.  So she’s picking up Indian food, my favorite, and we’ll do the usual.  Eat, talk and watch a movie on Netflix. 

I will be missing Passover (again) because it’s just not worth it to try and get there in the pain I am in.  I can’t sit anyway, so I’d be lying on the couch or in the bedroom during the Seder and meal.  Yes, it would be nice seeing everyone….but the price of getting there and getting home is too high for me, and a hassle for whomever takes me.  This is the kind of thing that makes my situation intolerable sometimes.  Missing family events.

Watched “Life of Pi” last night.  Great book.  Good movie, beautiful to watch, but knowing most of it was digital somehow takes away from it for me.   Not that they should have used a real Bengal tiger (not to mention the other animals) but the rest of the scenes were digital as well, except for the conversations between the two people as he explained his life.   It did bring things up for me when he finally started yelling at G-d.  Boy, I know that one!

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