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Monday, March 25, 2013

My Father

My dad phoned me Sunday with some excellent news!   He’s moving to Seattle!  I am so happy and excited.   I worry about him so much and it will be great to have him closer to us all.  I know everyone worries about me because to them I live the back of beyond…a 45 minute drive which I can’t make anymore.  One step at a time.  The thing is, even if I wanted to move closer to them (which I don’t because my acupuncturist, my therapist, my dentist, my friends….you know,  my life) I’d have to re-apply for the help I get because it would be a different county, and it’s a horrible process.  I just re-applied three weeks ago because you have to do it every year.  So, we shall see.

And, two of my nieces and my nephew just left!   I can’t go to the Seder, so the kids came to me….armed with my brother and sister in law’s soup, salad and cranberry crunch, and my sister’s matzo rocca.  If you’ve never had that, you are missing out on a big treat.  And this is the third Passover I’ve missed and haven’t made my matzo ball soup to bring.  Oh well.  Can’t do anything about that.  Catching up with all of them (except Samantha, who had school….AND, she was just accepted to the University of Washington School of Business….only 2% of those who apply get in….and she’s doing it right out of high school.  All of them are sharp, unlike me.

I’m hobbling along with my new walker and its fancy sliders.   I’m in tremendous amounts of pain today.  And this morning I thought I had the stomach flu but that seems to have calmed.  So, I’m eating soup, reading and will be watching “Criminal Minds” episodes soon.  Life is so exciting.  And the pain persists.

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