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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Hummingbirds

I purchased a hummingbird feeder yesterday, made my own food (just sugar water…1 part sugar to 4 parts water…boiled and cooled, no color added)           and hung it on my deck.  There is just one hummingbird who has found it and keeps coming back every 20 minutes or so.  He’ll drink me out of it by the end of the weekend if this rate keeps up.  Don’t know where his buddies are, or if he has them this late in the year.  I just kept seeing them flitting around and felt bad for the critters….not many flowers around anymore.

I haven’t been up to writing for a number of reasons.  Pain, of course, but mostly depression at the state of this country.  I’m scared to death of what will happen if a certain someone wins this election.  If social security is dismantled, I have no idea what I’ll do.  My drugs are a fortune.  Not that they’re working that well; I am pretty much housebound these days due to the pain.

It amazes me that things like global warming are just off the table now.  I’m guessing Obama has been advised not to talk about it because no one believes it and its untouchable.  And Romney thinks it doesn’t exist and neither do his supporters.    I can understand the super-rich supporting him.  But the poor?  I scratch my head in wonder.  And his family has an “interest” in a company that makes the voting and polling machines.  My theory is that this is why his “numbers are up”… it won’t look like a hat trick come election day.   An instant replay of 2004 and probably 2000.  We just never learn.

And we, the sick, are paying the price in spades.  I was so angry I almost didn’t vote at all.  But that’s not a good idea.   Even if O wins the popular vote but loses the electoral (which technically, should not happen, but does) at least we’ll know not everyone is a raving lunatic.  Romney might look more presidential, but he is a born again elitist who inherited his wealth, made himself wealthier by firing people and hiding his billions, and his wife, who is more of an elitist than he is, makes remarks like “you people” when referring to anyone not in the one percent.

So, come January, without a miracle, the super wealthy will OWN America.  They do now, anyway.  What’s sad?  We are EXACTLY like the countries we profess to hate.  The ones we want to bring “democracy” to….if a candidate in a foreign country had an investment in the voting machines, America would laugh.  If Obama had one, he’d be skinned alive.  But for some reason, Romney gets a pass.

What does that tell you?

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