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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Time sure does fly when you’ve stopped writing.   On Saturday, I was reading Huffington Post and came across this article about this daredevil, Felix Baumgartner who was just about to make a free-fall jump from the stratosphere.  I clicked on it minutes before they hoisted him up in a capsule by helium balloon, with cameras everywhere and a NASA like situation on the ground.  They said it would be a two hour ascend, and I thought, okay, I’ll read until he jumps.

But I got pulled into it and I’m glad I did.  It was incredible to watch.  There are lots of sites online that have the simulation of it, and it looks rather cheesy compared to watching it live, streaming.  I guess there were over 14 million people viewing it from sites like YouTube.  Don’t know how everyone knew about it.  Of course, I don’t pay attention to that kind of thing.  But I’m glad I did Saturday.  I was reading later that he had to overcome claustrophobia to do this….being in that enclosed capsule for two hours was a challenge.  I was telling my healer that he had a fear to overcome and before I could get into it, she quipped “Fear of heights?”  I thought that was pretty funny.  He jumped at 124,000 feet.  Three times higher than a jet flies.  It was unreal to watch in real time, though with a 20 second delay in the event of catastrophe.  Yikes.  Find it online and watch the jump….you can actually see as he tumbles head over heels for the first 30 seconds….at over 700 miles an hour….breaking the sound barrier with his body.   And it was 67 years to the day that Chuck Yeager did it in a plane.

On Friday, I started using morphine as my breakthrough.  Although it’s not as strong as Diladid, it seems to be working better.  Or I’m just having a couple good days; that does happen, though not often.  However, I’m thinking positively and the pain doc is sending me a script for a month’s supply.  She only sent me enough for a week initially.  And my Diladid is way past the “throw away” date; I never noticed.  I rarely used it back when she started sending scripts for it so I had this supply, but it might be that it didn’t work because it was outdated.  Still, I’m giving this the old college try so we shall see.

One of the NF chapters sent me this notice that the show NCIS, which I’ve never watched (along with almost everything else….except for Criminal Minds and Bones), is doing an episode with NF in the story….can’t remember the date…end of this month, I think.  So keep an eye out.

I’m very boring today.

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