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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Goody Goody

I am still being “tweaked” drug wise.  The Diladid is like taking a tic tac (which my nurse reminds me is getting old, description wise....well, she said I say it all the time…which is true) they have switched me, for a week anyway, to Morphine.  So I’m not morphing to morphine.

Despite the scary end-stage-life name, Morphine is actually less of a narcotic than Diladid, in terms of the dosage I’m now on.  But in some cases, it breaks through the pain receptors better.  Who knew?   She said “I know you go online and read about this stuff so I’m telling you, that’s what you’ll find”  I told her I already knew that (I did….Ted told me) and she chuckled.

So it came in the mail yesterday (thank heaven…my patch prescription too), I dropped it off at the pharmacy and got it today.  I knew there would be a 24 hour lag because they keep almost none of this stuff on hand except for a dose or two.  Can’t blame them.  Anyway….I got it and I’ve been in a fair amount of pain today so I popped one while Pam was still here, about two hours ago.  I actually got some relief.  And I just got out of the shower, having changed my patch.  Not that I’m complaining about this, but the glue on those things is next to impossible to scrub off.  Outlines of patches in four places.  I get most of it, but always find more.

Anyway, the dosage is lower too, so we shall see.  But I definitely would like to do more than lay on my couch.  Even going to the store without being afraid I’ll get stuck somewhere and be in agony.  She (my nurse) said “You have to remember how you were a little over a month ago compared to how you are now”  That’s true, but I also remember how I was a year ago…or two years ago….and yes, EVERYONE has aches and pains as they age.  This isn’t aches and pains.  We passed that bar-b-que ages ago.

But, I must soldier on….and hopefully, this might be the short term solution to a long term issue.  Things only work for short periods of time, but I take what I can get.  My bowels have been up and down, but my appetite is much better, which is good.

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