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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lucy and Ethel

Practicing gratefulness every day is a challenge sometimes.  Not because I’m not grateful for what I have, because I am.  It’s forgetting. Forgetting to pray before a meal, no matter how it is said, or even thought.  Forgetting to say “thank you” when a request has been filled to your liking (I think all prayers are answered….just not the answers we wanted sometimes) and forgetting that regardless of my challenges, I do have something to offer, regardless of how small I think that thing is, compared to people who make a difference on a grander scale.  Being grateful to those who point it out to me, and not dismissing them as just “being nice” to me.

So after the big storm back east (for me back east) and my aggravation and not getting coverage because I so rarely watch television I have very limited service, I had a bunch of feelings and questions, as did millions of others.  Being grateful for being safe (for now) makes me feel a tad guilty, until I remember what I face every day.  It does bring chills to me to think what would happen in a disaster and not having access to my medication.  I would imagine millions have the same issue.

I had to make an appointment with my pain doctor because he does need to see me now that I’m on a new regiment.  I get that, I really do.  But I’m still mighty scared of the drive out there; 45 minutes in good traffic.  I make the appointment late morning to minimize the heavy traffic issue, but one never knows.  Leave late enough to avoid morning rush and hopefully, be done before evening rush.  My helper will to it for me, though she isn’t supposed to.  BUT, it is on her day off, so it’s none of their business what she does.  I’ll pay her out of pocket.  I could take a taxi, but I’d rather have her there with me if possible. 

Pam and I were in a pet store the other day, and I was looking for Oliver’s flavor of wet food and we kept moving the cans around and jabbering frantically, trying to find it.  I finally turned to her and said, “Man, we’re like Lucy and Ethel” It kind of stuck.  She’s a dear.

The pain is bad again today, probably because it’s her day off and I decided I wanted to get the heck out of Dodge on my own, so I went to the store, than I had to stop for the mail, then there was two notices that something was at the office (one of them very heavy) so I was moving way too fast and now I’m down for the count, reading.  But it’s not a great read and I guessed what was going on early on….pretty sure I’m right, based on the last chapter.  I hate that.

This was poorly written but I'm not up to editing


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