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Monday, October 1, 2012

It Can Be Done!!

After yesterday’s post, I thought I’d write one that’s a bit more positive and may give someone out there some hope about pain meds.

I am officially off the methadone!!  I took my last one on Friday, which was a day earlier than planned, but I felt up for it.  I was a bit nervous feeling and I must mention, I’ve had insomnia for several weeks, but I’m positive it was because of the withdrawal.  Last night, blessedly, I slept.  I had left a message for my pain doc for some temporary sleep meds, but I already take anti-anxiety med so they called this morning and said no.  Then I said I slept last night and they were thrilled.

It’s true I am now on fentanyl (patches) and my breakthrough medication, but I was in such horrible shape just five weeks ago, I don’t think I’d be here (truly) to tell the tale if I hadn’t taken action.  They informed me that very few of their patients are on Fentanyl.  I asked her why.  She said I was a good candidate because she knows how conservative and responsible I am with these drugs (I truly am… the point of it causing her (my nurse) to want to strangle me occasionally.  I can’t help it; the constipation drives me nuts.

Right now I still can’t go out much because of the pain.  It’s now about a 6 or 7 on the 1-10 scale (when it gets bad) and stays at about a 5 if I lay flat.  But I need to go out occasionally….I still have help with that, doctor appointments and cleaning.  Don’t know if that will ever change.  The point is:

It can be done!!!  And, the bonus?  I am much, much calmer.  Everyone has noticed.  When people get upset with me, I remain calm.  When a bill is wrong, I remain calm....etc, etc.  Very new experience for me....well, new from the last 10 years....before the methadone I was calm too.

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