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Friday, October 5, 2012

Same Old

I started taking fish oil and Tylenol for the discomfort of withdrawal and it seems to be working.   At least, I slept better the last two nights, though not for as long as I need to sleep.  Baby steps, right?

I am okay pain wise as long as I lay flat, but the minute I start to do anything, like go to the vet or the grocery store, I’m in horrible pain.  We are still “tweaking” but they say they will not up the fentanyl.  I do take my breakthrough med but it’s really not doing much but makes me constipated.

Must take Oliver in this morning for his one week post-operative checkup.  I thought I could cancel it because of his emergency trip after his tooth extraction, but they said no, it needs to be today.  So Pam will help me.  In fact, I may send her there alone, but I’m not sure she’ll find her way, even though we have been there twice.

I like her a lot, but she gets flaky and it seems to be getting worse.  I thought at first that it was just the newness, but it’s been two months.  She works like a dog and I appreciate all that she does around here, but she does weird stuff like telling me she needs to leave early just before she wants to go, rather than giving me the heads up beforehand.  We talked about it, and hopefully it won’t happen again.  The truth is, no matter who I get, there will be problems because we are all human.  Maybe I could get a non-human to help me.

The constipation is still an issue, though I seem to be able to move it along by using all my usual tricks.  Just not yesterday and so far, not today….but my stomach is growling and I ate like a banshee yesterday so I definitely need to evacuate.  And I gained more weight!!!!  Yes!!!!  I’m up to104 now….it’s working out to be a little bit short of my goal of a pound a week, but I’ll take it!

My eyes are starting to give me a hard time; can’t read as much as I use to.  I need to see the eye doctor soon.

One of my favorites but I couldn't find Aaron Neville's version

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