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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rushing to Judgement

I’m trying not to rant too much about what happen with Amanda, my (now former) caregiver.  But she came by today to take me to an appointment which I scheduled on her normal day off and pay for out of pocket.  It’s the same cost as a taxi and much friendlier; and I don’t have to wait around.  Well worth it for the occasional times I need it.

She came to the door, we looked at each other and both started crying.  Then we hugged and held on tight for a good two minutes.  We sat down and talked for a bit about what her options are now.  The provider told her they would give her a reference.    Of course, all they will do is validate the times she worked there; they can’t say anything unless it’s a glowing recommendation.  And they know it.

I am still in a bit of shock.  She is the kindest, sweetest, most caring person I’ve met in a long, long time.  She is sympathetic without going overboard, empathetic without being cloying, and ready to jump in and do anything I ask.  My pain levels have actually dropped since having her around.  Much more so than the two other people they sent while she was in training.  One quit anyway.  And the other one, I don’t want back.  Tomorrow is the day with the woman who’s older than me.  What a joke.  I made it clear I don’t want anyone older than me, but they don’t seem to care.  Nor do they care that my pain levels dropped with Amanda.  And I'm the client....the one who needs the help because of pain.  It's suppose to help me, and it did.  It was like having my sister here except she did things my sister wouldn't do, lol.

At any rate, we talked about what happen, and she swore there was nothing else on her record but the two driving things, one of which happened when she was 16 (she didn’t have a license but the person she was with had been drinking so she didn’t want her driving….she should have gotten a metal, not a ticket)  Now, in retrospect, with the advantage of some years of experience, she should have called a taxi.  But she was sixteen.   The agency doesn’t care about the reasons; only the offense…which again, was over 12 years ago!!!  And the more recent one; going through a yellow light, was four years ago.  Lord have mercy, no one should be working there if those are their standards.  She even TOLD me about those things before they fired her.  It came up because of the yellow light she stopped for.  I would have gone through it, but she explained why she didn't.  I don't think my supervisor believed that's how I knew, but I don't give a darn.

I hope she finds another caregiver agency soon because I will gladly switch providers to have her as my caregiver.  The agency isn’t interested in my desires, and I think they would be too embarrassed to admit they jumped the gun on the woman, and lost a valuable employee in the process.  Rushing to judgment seems to be the favorite pastime for some people.

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