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Monday, July 30, 2012

Disappointing News

I just got a call from Amanda’s supervisor telling me they let her go.  Something in her background check apparently.   I am so upset I could cry.  She and I were a perfect fit.  She had the right amount of energy, she did what I asked, she is kind, funny, nice to be around and an all-around good soul.

I didn’t ask, although they kept telling me they couldn’t tell me (why).  Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn (why).  All I know is the past is the past.  She did tell me (today as matter of fact) that she once went through a yellow light and got a ticket four years ago.  She told me because the light in front of us turned yellow and she stopped, put her arm out to protect me, and apologized for stopping, telling me why.  She also got a ticket when she was 16!!.  And they told her those were the reasons...nothing else.

The supervisor’s supervisor, whom I called, said that the Patriot Act has made it tough to keep good people….”it’s always the good ones that get let go” was what my supervisor, told me.  Really?  I find that interesting.  In the meantime, the person they sent to replace Amanda when she was in training (they spent a fortune training her, let her work for a month and THEN did the background check?  She told me some of the stuff takes a while to come back.  Seems to me if you have a computer and about $35, you can find anything out pretty fast) had a back brace, a leg that bothered her and could barely move the vacuum cleaner.   Another person was okay, but she quit.  And then there was the no show one Friday.  In my opinon, if they are following the rules of that damn “Patriot Act” which is anything but, they will never be able to keep anyone.  And one of the people that came to me admitted she wasn't a citizen...but had a work visa.  Hmmm.  That I would like to find out.  Undocumented workers would be more of a problem for them, I would think.

The supervisor’s supervisor told me they have to be careful about the driving thing because they are taking clients around.  Again, it happened a long time ago…..if there are things I’m not privy to, so be it.  But Wednesday they have someone lined up who is OLDER than me.  I’m willing to give it a chance, but if this keeps up with this provider, I will call my caseworker and have her find another provider for me.

Watch…suddenly, they’ll decide I don’t qualify for the help.  They’ll have a real battle on their hands if that happens.  I don’t go down easily.  Not with this disorder. Not after fighting for every crumb I have.   As I have posted at the top of my blog:

There is no chance, no destiny, no fate that can hinder the firm resolve a determined soul – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

We have got to do better than this.  I will be using Amanda for rides to King County, which they don't do anyway....wish I could afford her more often then that.  Rushing to judgement based on our past would put me in the slammer.  The "Patriot Act" is one of the worst mistakes of Bush's dismal presidency.

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  1. Good morning Sherri,

    Ever since our Huffington Post chat, I've been wondering how you've been doing. I'm sorry to read about your difficulties with getting and keeping a good assistant. Most of us will probably have to deal with this issue at some point, so it's an eye-opener.

    I don't know if you're a cat person, but for some amusement, you might enjoy checking out the Facebook page for Anakin, the two-legged kitten:

    He's as cute as can be and he has a ton of fans. I have to go out every day and see what he's been up to.

    Take care,
    Carolyn (aka WackySD)


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