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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What's The Point?

What’s the point, I ask myself upon arising each morning with little to do but manage my pain

What’s the point, I cry, when my father calls to tell me another one of his friends has passed away

What’s the point, I murmur, after reading about the young woman who lost hands, a leg and the other foot to a flesh eating disease, and the other young woman who died in a car crash a few weeks after graduating from Yale

What’s the point, I wonder, on hearing more bad news from our world leaders

What’s the point, I despair, when yet another natural disaster hits our planet

What’s the point, I ask G-d, upon listening to my friend Ted (with NF) as he tells me he is in the last stages of his life (and is happy about it)

Questions with no answers have but one point.  To think.  To engage. To learn and to challenge our sometimes dormant minds.  I don’t mean the quieting of the mind after a stressful day; I refer to the chronic kind of dormancy that happens when we only ask “What’s the Point” out of despair with no intention behind the question for an answer, even if there is none.

But we act as though there is an answer; as though we are the victim of a Universe whose only goal is to see us, or I, personally, suffer.  A devious plan, perhaps, constructed by some evil that is determined in this goal of suffer making.  And when we let down our guard, it wins more than it loses.

So, instead of asking “What’s the point?”  Take a breath.  Say a prayer (for someone else, not for yourself) and wish the victim, whoever it may be, to be brave, strong, happy and as healthy as can be.  Practice this with yourself as well.  Marry yourself….giving yourself the same respect you would give a partner (which of course, you should do).

And start taking action when and where you can.

 And this is for you, my friend Ted

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