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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Divine Divanna!

I have been seeing a healer for about six or seven years, right about the time I got breast cancer.  The first time I met her she asked me if I wanted to live.  I said yes.  I knew right then she and I could work together!  Her name is Dr. Divanna Divine.  And as the title suggest, she is divine!

She is a doctor of acupuncture, chiropractic (gentle only) and does energy work.  Sometimes after a visit with her, I am in worse shape for a while; dizzy, in more pain, off balance.   But it soon vanishes.  Yesterday, she did some work with my constipation (which she often does) and it was better a few hours later.  Of course, rain was on the way and my pain goes through the ceiling when there is low pressure (which makes you wonder why I live in Seattle, I bet!).  She is in Lynnwood, Washington if anyone wants to know more about her! 

Well, I needed a new browser on my computer because XP was falling apart.  I held out as long as I could, then got my computer guru over here.  Four hundred bucks later, I have a new look.  I HATE having to learn everything again, which is why I waited so long.  And it’s already been doing funky things and it’s been less than 24 hours.  

He is very good or I wouldn’t keep using him,  but as he says, computers aren’t toasters…they are very complicated.  He told me NOT to upgrade from Windows 7 to 9, which they kind of push on you; he put a block on the upgrade, but when I turned it on this morning, it read that I have been upgraded to windows 9.  Very frustrating.  But he called me and since I’m pretty comfortable with all things computer, he walked me through it and it’s okay again.  Even though he turned the upgrades and updates off, it went back on when he put the printer driver in.  But all is well in computer land again.  Pardon me while I lose my mind while writing this.  Now I have a different error message; the same one I kept getting that prompted me to spend 4 hundred getting it fixed.  Not yet.  When computers were first introduced to the masses in the late 80’s, I knew DOS.  You had to, unless you had a MAC.  Now I can do a few things but most of it is way out of my comfort zone, though my computer guy thinks I’m pretty good.  He’s just being nice to an old lady.  Well, I FEEL old anyway.

I’m in oodles of pain right now.  Probably because I missed “Bones” last night and can’t watch it for a week because they don’t put it up for that long …. Insane.  Most other shows are available the next day!!  So I watched “Smash”   The two shows I watch; Bones is on a different day and time every season so I lost track and keep missing it.  Smash is on way past the time my eyes are open.  But it’s good!

Okay, now let’s see how this my new upgrade handles posting this!

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