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Monday, May 7, 2012


Still working out the glitches in my new computer.  Had a security breach, the time on my emails wasn’t synched to the computer time, and I want to turn off my magnifier because it keeps magnifying things while I’m working and there is no way to turn if off that I can see.  It’s got a link to an instruction but it doesn’t work.  It’s driving me nuts…..magnifies if I breathe on it and then I can’t get it to go back to normal and my fingers are nowhere near the keyboard or touch pad when it happens.  If anyone knows how to fix this in Windows 7 give me a shout. 

Between the new computer (and the $400 fix that worked for five days before the screen blew out) and I am feeling rather pinched.  Oh well.  Eating is overrated!  I thought my new, healthier diet would be more expensive, but it actually is cheaper.  I never bought much processed, prepared foods anyway, but now I’ve really gone over the top.  I have to say; I’m feeling better that way even though I still struggle with digestive issues.  Generally, I’m not feeling so sugared out.  I actually bought carrot juice the other day because I miss juice so much.  This has 13 grams of sugar which is high for me, but not by much.  And then there is the dark chocolate, which has 12.   Can’t be too over the top.

I’ve been getting awful headaches lately.  And the tumors on my head hurt so much it’s hard to wash my hair.   The fun never stops!!  On the bright side (and I do mean bright) IT’S SUNNY TODAY!   And supposed to be 70 degrees F. which for Seattle is downright tropical. It used to be that if there was high pressure in the area (as in sunny and no rain within shouting distance) my pain wasn’t as bad.  Not anymore.  Oh well.  The leaves just keep falling off the tree, and it’s not even autumn (I’m the tree in this horrible analogy).

I’m supposed to be hearing back from DSHS this week.  There is so much information to read and keep track of now, my head is going to explode.  I am very, very bad at this kind of stuff;  When I get a new computer or phone or whatever, I cannot read the instructions; I just have to do a “hit and miss” thing until all the pieces fall in place.  That’s part of the NF learning disability thing.  The non-verbal leaning.  That’s why school was so hard for me.  The exception is reading for enjoyment.  That I can do; but if it’s instructions of any kind, forget it.

I remember once, in about sixth grade, a teacher handed out this two page instruction sheet and the first instruction was “Read everything before you do anything”  And then it went on to list things like writing your name, tearing a corner of the page, drawing pictures, etc.  Everyone was busy doing stuff, and when you got to the end, the last instruction was “Now that you’ve read everything, ignore everything else and put your pencil down” ONE person did that.  Wendy Z.  I never liked Wendy Z.  Her mom purposely did not invite me and another girl (and 53 years later, she is still my friend) to Wendy’s birthday party.  She handed out invites to the whole classroom and ignored us

That kind of behavior is so unforgiveable.  A child behaving that way is hard enough, but the parent?  And it’s especially hard if you are ‘different’ as I was.  You feel ostracized as it is, and then you have this adult confirming you are strange to everyone.  Not acceptable.

So, as Ellen DeGeneres says at the end of her show (I don’t watch it, but the news is on right after) “Be kind to one another”  Yeah, good luck with that.

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