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Friday, May 11, 2012

Strange and Wondrous

The sun is shining.  At least, I think it’s the sun.  In Seattle, the appearance of this particular star is rare, so I’m not sure. And it’s supposed to actually get in the mid-seventies this weekend!  Hurray!!  I can watch it all from my couch!  Movie suggestion:  “The Sea Inside”  Javier Barden gives a stunning performance as a quadriplegic.  It’s in Spanish with English subtitles (and probably other languages too) and is fascinating, heartwarming and heart wrenching too. 

I write a lot about pain/suffering and how the two are not really related, except by choice (the choice being the suffering).  I know that’s harsh, but it’s true.  Right now I want to eat my words, I hurt so badly.  And my feet hurt AND they disappear on me.  The body is a strange and mostly wondrous thing….except when it isn’t.  When mostly, it’s challenging it’s hard to recognize the wonder of it, isn’t it?  Right now, I’m roasting beets (again) to put in my strange and wondrous stomach, which seems to be helping what ails me.  That and carrot juice.  Since I gave up fruit juice, I’ve turned to it because it’s low in sugar and is good for you.  And doesn’t taste bad if you add sugar (kidding).  I overdid the Miralax and have in the bathroom for five days.  Really a lot of fun.  The toilet paper people love me.  Now the gun is swinging in the opposite direction again.  It’s hopeless.  And would be funny except that it’s not.   But, you have to find things to laugh at or you’ll lose your mind, right?

I’m going to a new gynecologist next week.  I had an appointment for next week and they just called and said the doctor that I use to see only works with fertility patients now, and so sorry we didn’t ask you enough questions when we made the appointment.  So they gave me the number of one of their other clinics (mercifully, CLOSER to me!) and I called.  It took 20 minutes to get the appointment made, but its next week too.  I have a neurofibroma in my vaginal area and it hurts like hell.  I had it removed years ago but of course, they do grow back.  I have a very large one (that my healer mentioned) on my left thigh that was removed once too.  The guy who did it was a butcher and I blogged him.  He threatened to sue me if I didn’t take it down.  So you can’t complain about a doctor online or anywhere else, I guess.  Can’t warn people, etc.  It’s hopeless.

And I just got a call from my urologist.  I had called in a refill for something I take to help prevent urinary tract infections; been taking it for years.  Yet, someone calls me and asks me what the medication is, how you spell it, etc.  CAN YOU READ MY CHART??  It’s so hard to get up, go in my room, and find the pill container, etc., when all they have to do is click on my chart.   People are so pathetically lazy.  If I weren’t in this kind of pain, it would be no big deal.  But the people they have calling patients don’t know who I am so it’s a three ring circus with every phone call.  You have to go back to the big bang every time you talk to someone new.  SO FRUSTRATING.

Naw, we don’t need healthcare reform.  It’s just dandy the way it is!!

I’m hoping that it is nothing more than a neurofibroma.  Has anyone else had one removed from that area?  You don’t have to give me your name; under comments, just tell me, or email me.  I’m just curious.  I also have one in my left breast that’s been hurting.  But I just had a mammogram and they said it was ‘fine’ but I’m not really happy with the place I had it done.  Perhaps I should have them send it to the surgeon who removed my right breast when I had cancer.  I really liked him.  I only stopped going there because I wanted everything in the same place; it was easier, but maybe not so wise after all.

So next week, I take my strange and wondrous body to the gynecologist, and the week after that, the dentist and the thyroid doc.  It goes in streaks like that.  Weeks with no appointments, weeks with tons of appointments.  Wish they were fun things to do.  Oh well.


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