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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It’s been books and movies and not much else so far this week.  Firstly, I spent  an fortune to fix my computer, and then found out the glitch I had had nothing to do with the operating system.  But it needed to be updated anyway so no biggie.   And here’s a little clue for all  iGoogle users….you know, the personalized version with lots of gadgets to choose from.

Well, they recently updated their look and for a while, they let you use the ‘old’ look.  But suddenly, I kept getting this weird error message about running scripts, and null whatever that is….and it would go away for a while….then come back.  And the last time I just couldn’t get rid of the dang thing.  So I thought for certain a new Operating System would fix it.  Well guess what?  The same error message keeps coming up….so FINALLY my spinal cord connected with my brain stem and I figured it out….the new Google look was the only page (my homepage) where I got that message.  So I went to just plain ol’ Google for my homepage and so far, so good.  So if you’re having that problem, that’s the fix.  So far.

And that’s my technical advice for the week.  Or month.

I’m watching this old movie “About Mrs. Leslie” with Shirley Booth.  Great old flick.  I realized that “old” for me is movies made in the 40 and 50’s….but Netflix is starting to call movies made in the 60 and 70’s as “classic”   Years ago, my niece asked me if I movie I was about to watch was “Old”  I said, “no not too bad….mid 70’s”  She looked at me like I lost my mind.  That is HER 40’s….yikes.  Can you say “I feel exactly the same way on the inside?”   I always laughed when I heard my mom say stuff like that.  Little did I know.

I’m trying very hard to just hang in there and not take on everyone’s stuff….lots of people have lots of challenges right now, and I can be there for them without making it mine.   It’s tricky for me and a lot of people, but it can be done.

And keeping in mind, when I feel like I don’t get enough attention from this person or that person, that whatever the situation, my journey is mine, and everyone else’s is theirs.  Keep it separate, silly.  KISS

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  1. I also have the spine tumors that cause so much pain.


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