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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Upcoming MRI

I’m trying to get to too freaked about my up and coming MRI next week.  I’ve had so many of them; and it used to be no big deal for me.  But now, the pain is so bad I can’t lay there for two freaking hours.  My entire spine and my brain.  I wrote down all the changes since last year and was surprised at how much things have changed.  When I just try to recall I can’t, so I started writing it all down so I’d have a list come next Thursday.

The woman who helps me can’t take me there because she can’t go into the next county.  But the appointment with the neurologist on the 5th is not on a day I use her….but she can do whatever she wants on her day off, so I hired her to take me there…it will be great, because it is someone I know and trust and it’s far better than waiting for a taxi when I’m done.  I’ll pay her more then what she normally makes with me because it’s only for a few hours and worth it for me.  It will cost me about the same as a taxi, and well worth it.

In the meantime, they are re-paving my apartment parking lot.  Had to move my car down by the office in the handicapped space.  Thankfully, I got it because everyone and their mother are looking for somewhere to park.  They are doing it in four separate areas, but still, it’s a pain.  I just hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow because if it’s put off until Monday, I’ll be up the preverbal creek.  My ride to the hospital won’t be able to drive to me to pick me up, and I can’t walk down to meet her….I’m sure we’ll work it out of that happens, but I don’t need the added stress.  Time to meditate.  And drugs.  Yeah, that’ the ticket.

I’ve been very boring lately, haven’t I?


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