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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Last One of My Decade

Well, my birthday was Saturday.  The last of this decade (my decade).  Yikes.  Saw a friend in the evening and got a bunch of nice phone calls.  And another friend came by on Sunday.

So now, after all that excitement, I’m waiting for someone to help me.  My usual person has some week-long training thing this week.  And their paving my parking lot and I have to move my car somewhere…where, I don’t know, and how I’ll get it back (the person helping me today, assuming they will be sending someone else, will help me with it this morning but then it’s anyone’s guess).  I was supposed to see my healer today, but I cancelled it because I have too much to do today.  I hate doing that, but I’m not sure what this other person’s schedule is and it’s a late appointment and I may not finish on time.  Amanda has some flexibility.

I’m really getting worried about my MRI next Monday.   The pain is so bad they are going to do conscious sedation.  I couldn’t even get through my last MRI and I swore the last one would be the last one I ever do, but my neurosurgeon won’t see me until I have a full spine and brain MRI.  I wrote down all my symptoms and how they are changing.  Must remember to bring it with me because I forget.  I have a friend going with me, so I am grateful to her for that!

The sun is actually out this morning….which is good, because they can’t pave unless it’s dry.  And it will take four days.  Four sunny days in Seattle is like asking for a dry monsoon.  Oh well.  I just want to make sure I get my car back from wherever I have to park it.  On the roof, maybe?

Sorry this is so boring.  The pain is so bad I just don’t have the energy to write much more.  Hopefully, I will have better days!!

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