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Monday, February 2, 2015

Back from Hospital

Whew.  Made it.  Home again after a night in the hospital and two at my brother and sister in law’s home.  My help is here, and they had help for me at their home (we had no clue how I’d be after….so far, so good).

 I mean, the pain is different on my left side and to get to the tumor on my wrist, they sliced down the front so it looks as if it were a suicide attempt.  And that one hurts the most.  Totally, they got nine tumors.  Out of several hundred, but hey, these were different. They hurt differently; topically, not like nerve pain.  The one on my wrist was about the size of a large pistachio, which is not big, but I banged into it all the time and the pain was horrible.  Same with the leg tumors.  Right now, it doesn’t feel much different but it’s only been a few days.  And the steri strips will fall off when they are ready to.  I keep two covered because they look so awful

I have to stay positive, but it is a challenge.  I was reminded you don’t have to look far to find something positive.  I had a room in the hospital on the eight floor that looked out over the Sound and downtown Seattle.  I happened to glance out right when the sun was setting and it was awesome.  There was this bank of clouds sort of sitting in the foreground and then blue sky and the sunset behind.  The tallest building in Seattle was to the right and when it got dark, they turned on these running blue and green lights in two places….for the Seahawks.  Who sadly, lost the Super Bowl in the last 30 seconds with just one yard between them and a win.  I am not a football fan, but it’s all I’ve heard today.   The “epic” loss they are calling it.  Well they had an “epic” win two weeks ago that shocked the hell out of everyone.  We forget those moments so fast sometimes.  Yes, it as a huge disappointment.   But it was a great game.

So, it’s one day at a time, as always…more pain pills but I’m trying to keep it minimal without torturing my body.  And of course, there’s my medical marijuana. many thanks for those of you who sent me wonderful messages and prayers.  They worked.

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