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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Goodbye, Kathi

Please go to this link if you have the time.   I wanted to share this moving segment on Kathi Goertzen, a longtime anchor with KOMO news in Seattle, WA.  I know most of you reading this aren't familiar with a local anchor in Seattle, but she was truly amazing.

As you will learn, she died from a brain tumor.  One that was diagnosed in 1998.  She had several surgeries, bounced back each time, but died yesterday afternoon.  As I often write, I don't watch the news much; too depressing and it makes my pain levels increase.  But she started with KOMO around the time I moved here from Minneapolis, and KOMO was the only local news I watched.  I don't like the other anchors, but I adored her.  She was believable, enjoyable to watch, hit all the right notes at all the right times and just moved me regardless of what she was reporting on.

There was much said in this interview about her courage and how she never complained about the process of being ill.  I wish I had her courage, but comparing does not good. She got angry at the tumors, but didn't complain.  In private, I'm sure she had her down times.   She speaks much about faith, the power of prayer (she believed in it although I don't think she talks about prayer in this segment...she did request prayers the night before she died.  I think she knew the end was nigh and wanted a send off....she got spades).  I wish I could go to Fisher Plaza in Seattle to leave a card or flowers, but I will do so in my heart.

And I will keep working on not letting this disorder of mine own me.  I have NF.  NF does NOT have me.


  1. Sorry to hear about Ms. Goertzen. Any time I read about someone dying because of brain tumor I am immediately transported back to when my own brother died from the same thing. Some things just never get easier.

    Carolyn Woods

    1. I made me so sad. I don't watch the news anymore, but when I did, that's who I watched. I was in the hospital for four days or I would have responded sooner.

      I am so sorry about your brother....and you are so sister's first husband took his own life and I still think about him, 15 years later


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