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Thursday, August 16, 2012

All That's Fit to Print

Basic Stuff

The pain is through the roof and I see a surgeon tomorrow about a tumor that is killing me.  They all are, but there is one on my arm that hurts whether I touch it or not.   I’m trying to be positive.  It’s so hard sometimes when I hear about how “brave” and “courageous” people are when faced with these kinds of challenges.  Of course, in many cases, a lot of those challenges go away one way or another.  Either they are healed, or they die.  I’d take either.  And I want to be braver, stronger.  I’ve been meditating a lot.  My dear nephew came over the other day with his computer and loaded a medication DVD on one of my thumb drives.  I’ve been using it a lot.  It’s a change from the other one I’ve been using.

Saw my healer yesterday. She said I CANNOT lose any more weight.  I’ve been trying, I really, really have.  I’ve been eating full meals every day, three times a day, snacking on things high in calories, etc.  The constipation is such a nightmare I hate to eat….But I have to, so there.

Other News

I’ve been working on trying to get Amanda back through the Department of Health and Human Services (DSHS).  She has to jump through a bunch of hoops but I’m hoping we can work it out, because I am very unpleased with my provider.

I’m unpleased for a number of reasons, the first being the firing of Amanda because of a traffic violation at the age of 16.  They told her flat out that was the reason, but methinks it has more to do with something else….what, I don’t know.  On their end, not hers.   But I do know my pain levels actually DROP when she is around me….and if that isn’t important to them, then they aren’t important to me.
The other reason, equally upsetting, is they flat-out LIED to me about my “participation” (financial).  They told me (and both my brother and sister heard it) that I was allotted 39 hours per month and my participation was $280.  A lot of money, but they would no longer be taking Medicare out of my disability check so that would help.  Then they raised the amount to $400.  But here’s the lie:  The 39 hours does not cover that amount.  They didn’t bother telling me that.  And the provider laughed when I called and said that it was DSHS who should have told me that.  While that is true, the provider still should have told me.

And Amanda now thinks she is the victim of identity theft, or more likely, some kind of mix up between her and someone else with her name, which is very common.  She thinks that because something came up on her background check only DSHS can’t access it without her permission, so she gave it to them and the paperwork with the “offense” on it will come in 10 days or so.  She was in tears when I spoke to her, saying the worst thing she has ever done in her life was the driving offense at 16 and going through a yellow light four years ago.

Now I have to find out exactly how many hours I get for $400, because it isn’t 39.  That number is just the MAXIMUM number of hours I can get.  Big difference and explaining it would have been nice.  I’m okay with the person they have sent me to replace Amanda, but she is pouring it on thick about how lucky she feels to have me for a client because otherwise she would have no work at all.  And three weeks AFTER she started helping me, her supervisor, the woman who got this thing rolling (and leaving out details such as hours/pay) called to see how it was working out.  

So I’m guessing she heard Amanda has applied to work as an independent and she knows I’ll leave them in a heartbeat when that happens.  She’s probably trying to do something to stop it.  Whatever the case, I’m leaving them next month, with or without Amanda. 

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