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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cautionary Tale (Off Topic)

I was looking for a filter for my Shark hand held vacuum.  Couldn't find them in the stores, and after three tries, had to give up due to my pain and inability to go from store to store, even with help.

So I ordered it online from a place that shall remain nameless since they have finally corrected the mistake. .  I placed the order, with the model number of the vacuum and the part number.  There was a $12 shipping fee, which was very high, considering it weighed about an ounce.  And when I got it, the part was wrong.  I had to go to a UPS store, pay ANOTHER $12 to send it back....and then they sent me the same part againi!!!!!!!!

So I gave up, went to an Oreck store and got a new hand held  vacuum.  They credited me for the Shark along with the fliters which was very nice of them (though I'm sure they'll make use of it in the form of selling it back to someone somewhere.

The online store got the part I returned (I tracked it with UPS)  and emailed me that my account had been credited.  It hasn't.  Actually, the email read that it was a "return"....but Google wallet, who it went through, wrote that my account was credited.  I don't have a Google Wallet account, so I have no idea what they are referring to.    And I'm guessing I'll never see the money.  Google Wallet has a "no reply" thing on the email and furthermore, there is no actual human being there, like everything else that is Google.  And there is no listing for the kind of problem I was's all very simplistic and vague..  

 I'm usually very careful when ordering online, but I slipped up.  luckily, it wasn't that much money, but in my situation, $28 is a lot of money.

Update:  I looked today, and almost three weeks since this fiasco began, my account was credited.  Thus I won't name the store.  We hear about stuff this all the time but seldom learn from it.  Don't use sites you are unfamiliar with or see that they have no "stars" in the rating online.  I'm just going through Amazon from now on.  The problem for me, and for many of you, is mobility.  After two stores, I gave up.  this is the first time I've been burned online.  But it was partially my fault.  When I saw the cost of shipping it (and Amanda was with me at the time....she didn't say anything except "that's pretty high") I know she never would have done it.  It's always a toss up between penny pinching and being too much pain to shop around....even online.  I thought I saw they had the right part, but I was wrong.

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