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Friday, November 15, 2013

New Development?

Lately, I have been sleeping very poorly.  Then, last night, or should I say, the “witching hour” I woke up at 3 and stayed awake….and in horrific pain.  I even took my breakthrough pill at 3.  I was going to take two, but since the pain clinic decided I need less, not more, I didn’t do that.  In the beginning the limit was 6 a day, which I never reached.  Now that I need, they want me to take 4.  I know they are worried about my weight, but hell, I could probably swallow the bottle and still not get relief that theory will not, however, be tested.   If I ended up brain dead instead of dead dead, my family knows I have a DNR, no extreme measures, etc., but still.  I will not put them through that.  I almost got up to write this, but wanted to give sleep a fair shake.

I managed to meditate a little which did help, but no sleep.  If I’m repeating myself, just ignore it.  I probably do that anyway!!  No blaming lack of sleep for those senior moments.   So I decided yesterday to write a “Day in the Life for One Woman in Chronic Pain”  and put it in the pages section.  I have to listen to my BioLateral music while doing this.  I don’t hold much back.  It’s longish, so it’s under “Pages” instead of posts.  You’ll find that on the right side of my blog if you’ve never been there.

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