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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Self Healing

I’ve been reading things on self-healing and came across this:   it’s interesting and I actually do some of it anyway.  But like so many other people, he fails to mention genetic disorders as opposed to diseases.   When pop healers start talking, I listen closely to what they are saying and very few mention disorders.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve read one.  It’s all about disease.  So why not address it?  What they proclaim, and the way they suggest we “heal” could work for both.  Or can it?  Is that why they don’t mention it?  I mean, they discuss the cellular level and how our bodies respond to what we tell it.  And that part is true, at least for me.

We make ourselves sick all the time.  Why not make ourselves well?  I used to think our cells were replaced every few years.  I used to think they were copied.  If that’s the case, how can you heal if the mistakes in the cells are just copied over?  So I looked it up.  There are many places you can look, but here’s one: 
All I know is I pray, I meditate, I listen to BioLateral music (moves from left to right….best to listen with headphones….based on the eye movement therapy that has been around for years) and so far….well, you know.

Pain beyond measure.  Lonely, but when people come over, it’s all I can do to not act as miserable as I feel.  Most of the time.  I felt pretty good Friday but I didn’t sleep well Thursday night …one of my pills fell on the floor and didn’t get in me….figures.  I could have had a great day.  I changed the patch today and hoping today and tomorrow are better.  I am going to start practicing courting wellness instead of death.  That might be a good start, you think?  It’s just so hard to do when one is in agony. 

My nephew is coming over later.  That will be nice.  A friend came over last night.  She’s a dear, dear friend who drives 45 minutes to see me twice a month at least.  She has got to feel frustrated with me.  I’m not much company, I can’t go anywhere and basically, we eat something and watch a movie and she leaves.  I hope she finds something fun to do afterward….it’s early for normal people.  When I apologize for being so unfun, she asks me why I’m apologizing.  She’s a treasure and I thank G-d for her.  She has had her challenges but she seldom speaks of them.

I feel like such a loser.

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