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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Good Day

Today is one of those days where I’m giving thanks almost non-stop for a “5” on the 1-10 pain scale!!!!  I saw my acupuncturist, who also uses essential oils and does energy work.  I always feel better when we are done.  I’ve had this weird neck thing on my left side; very tight.  Not the same as my normal pain…this isn’t even really pain, except when I move a certain way.  But she rubbed it down with oils and it feels better now.  And it feels like my hip hurts but I now think it’s just radiating down from my neck.

And, I feel well enough to make one of my favorite dishes; one I haven’t made in almost a year.  Partially because I’m not up to it because for me, it’s labor intensive.  It’s also normally very expensive.  Halibut is $25/lb. everywhere right now, and even though I only get ½ pound, I can’t justify spending that much.  But I happened in to QFC today, somewhere I don’t normally shop (but I was running early for my appointment so I stopped).  They had it on sale for $16/lb.….still outrageous, but getting ½ kept the price down and I get two meals out of it.  Ready?  Recipe time!

I sear the halibut for two or three minutes in a little olive oil, add chopped baby bok choy and spread my special made up sauce: a spoonful (be creative) of roasted red pepper (Thai) mixed with fish sauce and a tiny bit of sugar to balance the taste.  Then I add a little water; not much, just to make it kind of saucy thick.  After basting it in that, I turn down the heat, cover it and let it cook for about six minutes; no more.  Halibut is a wonderful tasty fish but you have to be careful not to overcook it.  Anyway, I do it all in steps because standing chopping, mixing, cooking all at once is way too much for me.  But doing it in increments works out fine.  I make some quinoa (tri color) on the side…Yummy!!!!

My dad isn’t doing very well right now and I’m very worried about him.  I want to go see him but of course, cannot.  I think he’s lonesome for all his buddies and not being able to see me that much.  We talk all the time, but we did that when he was in Minnesota.  I love him so much my heart breaks thinking about how close we are in miles but physically unable to manage those miles.

And I had a reminder yesterday about how important it is not to fly off your rocker over the little things.  I was going to get my mail and my car wouldn’t start.  Dead as the proverbial door knob.  And of course, not one other car in my lot so no one to ask for help.  I called the neighborhood car place, only nobody tows anymore.  You have to call for that separately.  They must have some kind of deal going on because he told me that’s the way it’s done now.  So I called them, and arranged for them to come by in the morning (today).  I didn’t get upset for a minute, even when they told me the cost.  Just bit the bullet.  Then my neighbor came home, I told him my problem and said I had jumper cables could you help me?  He did, it started and I cancelled the towing and the car fix place.  It felt great not to go into my usual over-the-top the sky is falling state of mind.

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