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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Old Home, New Home

Last week was one of those over the top challenging weeks.  The gnats were out in full force; pain, bowel issues and two calls about having to do two different review updates for assistance….which I just did.  And a bunch of little stuff that by itself I can handle without histrionics, but everything at once was too much for the fragility that often accompanies grief.   When I saw my healer on Wednesday, she did some grief work.  I actually did feel a lift for a few days but I was blue again Saturday…and frustrated about my gastrointestinal issues.  Trying not to turn it into something tragic by making up all the “what if’s” when I know this comes and goes and will pass.   No pun intended.

On the plus side, its 70 degrees and gorgeous outside…will be for the next few days.  I want so badly to take a walk.  But, the deck door is open, I changed the hummingbird feeder, Oliver is wandering in and out and all is well, right?  Breathe, dang it!  I do thank G-d for the change in weather.  The rain is depressing after six or seven months.  Speaking of depressing, it SNOWED in Minneapolis on May 3rd.   My dad is so ready to leave there…in just a few weeks now!  I can’t wait!

Okay, here is something kind of cosmically funny.  In 1975 I backpacked across the country and Canada for about three months.  While in Seattle (I lived in Minnesota at the time) I fell in love with the city and swore I would move there.  Well, life took over; I bought a house and was living my life.  Unhappily so.   Several years pass and the Universe gives me a little push...  my brother moved to Seattle for a business opportunity.  A little over three years later I flew to Seattle to visit him.  I had been avoiding that because I knew I'd have to bite the bullet and move.  I came home,  stuck a “For Sale” sign in my yard and was driving to Seattle in six months.   Ten years later my oldest friend moved here.  A year after that, my sister’s husband passed away and she moved here with her two girls  (they were living in NM at the time). Now my dad will be here.   My mom passed away in 2002.  Read "Unreliable Scoreboards"  about how she gave me the push I needed to move.  I have a search engine at the top of my blog to find it.

In May of 1986, while crossing  I-90 and finally heading into Seattle, something overwhelmed me in my chest and I heard this clear “I’m Home” voice in my head.  It was weird.  And now it seems, it’s come full circle.  Home.  I’ve been here 27 years this month.

Life.  You gotta pay attention.  Never know what you’ll learn

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