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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Before things became difficult for me, I always took care of major end-of-year cleaning of paperwork.  Now that my medical bills and statements and everything else is the size of every phone directory in the Universe, that’s become harder.  Mentally and physically.

I’m learning to separate myself from reality via drumming, at least for 30 minutes or so but the harsh reality is, it needs to be done.  My goal was always late November, but with the bills coming in faster they Halley’s Comet (yea, it didn’t actually come in, but you get the metaphor), it’s impossible to do until the last minute.  On top of which, I need to shred a bunch of other stuff too.  I could burn it but I don’t have a fireplace so my landlord wouldn’t approve.  Kidding!   I have one, but that’s a hell of a carbon footprint.  

So shredding it will be.  And I have a ton of other stuff to go through.  Makes me anxious, gives me a headache.  But Pam will help me with it…..tomorrow.  That’s the plan but you know what they say about plans.  Thank heaven for Pam.  It just wouldn’t get done, otherwise.  Too overwhelming.  I mean, I got things in order a couple years ago (I can hear you laughing.  Stop.  Stop laughing at me) but oh, how things have changed.

So my gastro troubles persist, but I’m trying some new things to confuse my body.  It is so use to certain types of bulk, of veggies, etc. (I’m nothing if not consistent) I thought I’d confuse it.  Shake up the ol’ bowels.  Right.  Seriously, I have bought, made (looked up recipes on the Internet) and eaten kale, Swiss chard and sweet potatoes or yams for a few days now.  I’ve eaten all before, just not for a long time.  I had about a ½ pound of Swiss chard and some chicken for lunch.  But ½ pound shrinks down to one, maybe two, servings.   Very yummy sautéed with garlic and olive oil….little salt and pepper and your good to go, no pun intended.  I damn well better be able to go, or I’m suing someone, somewhere.  Sheesh.  Dinner will be some leftovers and tomorrow its kale!  Yea!

My friend Anne, who lost her dog Remy two years ago just got a new puppy!  A sweet (well, haven’t met her, but she looks sweet…of course, Remy was sweet and endearing, especially when he wanted a treat which he knew were in the bottom of pantry, whose door he use to nose open) we won’t know for sure for a while!  She picks her up near me next week and promised to stop by and say hi real quick before she get her settled at home.  She can’t come out of her carrier though, because she hasn’t had all her shots and then there’s hoozit, my cat, otherwise known as Oliver, Master of the Universe and crier for treats when he’s not laying plans for his next conquest….which would be the hummingbirds on my deck if he got out there.  Don’t know what I’m going to do this summer; he spends his days there as long as I’m home.  We shall see!!

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