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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Today’s the day!!  Down to ONE 2.5 mg of methadone… Sunday, hopefully, I’ll be done.  Feeling kind of icky but I think it’s because I had to take Oliver to the vet and I ended up leaving him there because he needs his last two teeth pulled. 

Poor guy….he was probably in a lot of pain.  I did notice these last couple weeks he hides a lot more than usual.  But I thought it was because the vacuum is always out and like most cats, he runs at the sight of it.    Whenever Pam is here, she vacuums.

I miss him like crazy already.  I shudder to think about when he passes.  He’s seventeen!!!  I hated to put him through the extraction, but the vet said there is a big hole in one of his teeth and the other one didn’t look much better.  I trust her, she is very conservative.  And she is really ticked off that the medication he is on is unavailable for an unknown amount of time.  She said it’s cheap and a lot of cats are on it; I had to order the compounded version so he won’t miss any doses and it’s a buck a pill!!!  The other stuff is 17 cents online.  But you can’t get it anywhere right now.

Anyway….I’m in a lot of pain right now so I’m gonna watch a movie

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