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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Yea!   I’m up to 100 mg of Fentanyl starting last night….and starting today; down to 20 mg of methadone…..just three weeks ago I was at 60 so I’m hopeful that by the end of the month, I’ll be off that nasty stuff.

My bowels kind of started working again for a while…last two days hasn’t been so good, but it will clear up again, I hope.  I’ve started on full spectrum probiotics which I take before every meal, and I started drinking coconut water.    And prune juice.  I think I overdid the fruit and that is why I am backed up.  The pain doc nurse, who I am indebted to for her coaching me on not getting so worked up about my bowels and my eating, keeps pushing the fiber, but I know when I overdo it.  Too much fiber is NOT a good thing with my particular problem, as I have mentioned a few times.  Other than that, it was great advice…because I have NO appetite when I get up, so I drink my juice and my miralax and an hour or two later I eat oatmeal or cereal with fruit and by noon, I’m eating a sandwich…..with chips. 

When I got home from the hospital I dropped a few more pounds and was down to 98, but I’m up to 102 now; by goal is a pound a week until I reach 110 or 112 which is my normal weight (high being 115).  So here’s to crossing your fingers and your toes.

Today the pain is much, much better.  Of course, I am still flat on my back….I’m hoping that with this increase, I can go out and about without being in agony….out and about being trips to the grocery store and doctor appointments.  I got an increase in hours from DSHS because it was so bad a couple weeks ago, I really thought I’d never recover.   I still need help but I’m hopeful I will have limited ability to do things I use to be able to do, even with the pain.  We shall see.

In the meantime, I just heard that a friend of mine has stage 2 Chronic Lymphatic Lymphoma.   So my thoughts and prayers are with her right now.

Is wanting good health the same as wanting a new car, or a trip somewhere, or anything else?  I mean, it’s the “I wants” that kill us, figuratively.   But truly, is it the same thing?  I wonder.

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