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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Well, after a difficult conversation with my pain doc’s nurse, she confirmed that they would indeed be upping my fentanyl.   She told me that the reason they didn’t increase it while they were decreasing the methadone is because some people respond just fine that way.   They can’t possibly be in the kind of pain I’m in if that’s the case.  So once I’ve had a chance for the 75 mg of fentanyl coursing through my bloodstream, I will be dropping my methadone even more….a bit at a time.  And of course, my breakthrough meds will be the same.

I keep flipping out about my bowels but she kind of lectured me about not doing that since I have the “big guns” at my disposal now (Resterol).  I want to try like heck to avoid using that but if I have to, I know I have it and it won’t mean a trip to the ER which is good.

I’m hoping and praying that they don’t pull the rug out from under me with regard to Medicaid.  I already had an issue with it when I went to pick up my increase.  They were giving the pharmacist a hard time about it, but she gave me a few to get me through and then she said she’d fix it.  God love her, she’s been my savior on a number of occasions

The nurse told me not to obsess about my bowel situation and eat what I want when I want.  I have NO appetite when I wake up and I have to honor that for now.  Also, the protein powder I was excited about is very constipating, according to her.  She listed the constipating ingredients and they are in there

It’s endless………………

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