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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Charlotte's Web Update

I’m on day three of my Charlotte’s Web CBD oil and have noticed some things.  Don’t want to get to excited just yet because my symptoms do change by themselves for short periods of time.  However, today I noticed something I haven’t had for months: feeling on the bottom of my feet!  AND, I have no idea if this is connected, but my sense of smell, which has been almost non-existent,  is coming back a bit.  Again, the weather here has been hot (though not humid) and for some reason, the pain has been very bad.  I don’t understand that because if it’s nice out, it means the barometer is normal or high and usually that’s a good thing.

I took it three times on Monday and Tuesday and plan to do the same today.  It has also helped a bit with my anxiety.  The pain, not so much.  But all these other things contribute to the pain being bad so I welcome any and all changes.

Here’s the thing.  If you have been dosing yourself (as I have) with opiates and other medication for years on end, our bodies might not respond to something that is more “natural” than the meds.  I mentioned it in my other post and I think it’s true.  However, I will try anything and everything I can before throwing in the towel (so to speak…not talking suicide). 

Visit  to find out more, and try one of the oils.  Expensive, but could be well worth it.  Especially for seizures.

What’s odd is, Neurontin, which I take, was initially marketed as a seizure medication.  Then it was used “off label” (meaning not yet approved by the FDA) for pain. Now it’s prescribed for pain.  CBD was initially used for seizures….now they have found it helps with many other ailments.  Live and learn.

If you've never heard of the Capital Steps listen to this.  They are very funny and on NPR on occasion.  Enjoy

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