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Saturday, May 3, 2014


I’m spinning today.  The pain has been so out of control for so long, and again, I do believe it’s because I’m also fighting a yeast infection that I’ve had for well over a month; nothing seems to kill it and my body just can’t fight that and the pain. 

See, this is what’s hard about chronic conditions.  A simple flu or cold or yeast infection throws everything out of whack.  I’m crossing my fingers that is all it is, and when it’s cleared up, I will go back to having a day or so a week where I’m not in this much pain.  In the meantime, a friend sent me this site and it’s fascinating.  It’s this eagle nest in Decorah, IA.  It has a live streaming camera on it and you get to watch the eagles mate, hatch, and the eaglets grow.  Visit it: .    They are about five or six weeks old now and will be fledging (learning to fly) by the middle of June.    I’ve been reading up on eagles so I know mom from dad now.  Anything to take my mind off this pain.  But it’s fun to watch even if you’re healthy!

I just can’t think straight anymore.  Worried about my dad, who is back home now, which is good and getting his strength back, which is good.  But he sounds so defeated to me.  I love him so much it hurts and I want him to have what he wants, whatever that may be.

How much longer ‘til the pain
helps me know what I have gained?
How much longer ‘til I see
what my life has meant to me?
How much longer will it be
til’ my soul will be set free?
How much longer ‘til I glow
with all there is I need to know?
How much longer ‘til I find
there is no forward, no behind

How much longer will I plow
my way to only bow to now

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