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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Annas

Am having a bad day today pain wise…last night I actually had dinner OUT with a friend!  The second time I went out for a meal in two weeks.  I hadn’t done it at all since long before my hospital stay and change in meds, so it was refreshing.  I give thanks for that, with all my heart.  I am a strong believer in acknowledging the good, especially when I’m such an expert at acknowledging the not so good.

But I’m paying for it today.  Pam was here, and then her supervisor was here to do an assessment of her work.  She does that every six months, I guess.  It went fine; I told her about the key thing and said everyone makes mistakes, and although it was a scary one, when I weigh the pros and cons of having her with me, the positive far outweighs the negative.

In the meantime it seems like no species can get along with one another.  Remember the hummingbird feeder I got a little while ago?  Well, in the winter, in Washington State, only one kind of hummingbird hangs around through the cold.  The Anna.  At least that’s what I read on the internet.  But don’t quote me, I’m hardly an expert.

So I’m laying here, reading and watching the hummingbird feeder for action, and I could have sworn I saw more than one.  But I only see them one at a time.  When they do arrive at the same time, it’s like crashing fighter jets.  They chase, they dive, they ram each other.  Very exciting.  I should be a bookie.  Trouble is, I’d need a camera with a stop action feature.

I should name one “HummingCon” and the other “HummingLib” when they “Come together like a couple of taxi’s on Fifth avenue” (that was a line from “Rear Window” when Thelma Ritter’s character, Stella, was trying to explain to Jimmy Stewart’s character, Mr. Jefferies, what love should be like.

Yeah, right.  Well, whether these guys come together like a couple of taxis or a couple of fighter pilots, it looks like it hurts.  Can’t wait for spring, when I’ll get different species with pretty colors!

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