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Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm Back

Okay, I’m back.  Lots of pain today, CBD hasn’t done much of anything though I got some weed high in CBD and that seems to help.  It just needs to be delivered by smoking it, unfortunately.

The CBD oil I ordered is brown and thick and kind of gross.  I’ve tried putting it under my tongue like it’s suggested….but my lips and teeth turn greenish brown and when I brush my teeth, the stain gets on my toothbrush.  It seems to work okay if the pain is kind of middle of the road…if I need to go out I like to dose up (when I’m not the one driving)   I just tried it again.  It’s pretty yukky but if it works, who cares?

I called the library to ask about bookmobiles and it turns out they actually deliver books and CD’s and DVD’s right to your door!  Once a month, Books on Wheels will come by with the requested items, which I have always done online.  But getting to the library when the item beomes available is a challenge and of course, I need to watch the mileage each month.  So I am grateful for this new development.

I need to renew my license plate tags and this year, emissions testing.  Not quite sure how I will manage that.  And, because I seldom drive, it might not pass the emissions test.  Sigh.

For the first time in a while, I didn’t watch much of the Olympics.  I was so turned off of ice skating by the way they chose the team (one person skated better than the one who went) that I am no longer interested.  I ice skating has been losing a lot of ground because it’s very subjective; even if someone falls they get a pass if the audience likes them.

Vinnie and I are still together though the sometimes monster (biting, torn down a curtain rod with curtain in my bedroom, knocking things over constantly) is definitely on probation.  We shall see.

I pray your pain is manageable and you trip here is a happy one, in spite of, or perhaps because of, our challenges.

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