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Saturday, September 21, 2013

No Footholds

It never ends.  I started eating avocados for the calories and to get some Potassium and my doctor just called to say my blood work came back and I have high Potassium and need to stay away from things like that.  I also drink coconut water for the electrolytes.  Have to stop that too.  And I don’t even drink that much of it.  I give up.  I have a GI appointment a week from today and I’ll go over it with her.  Again.

Had two days IN A ROW where the pain was doable enough to go out into the world.   Then rain started to come in and it was very ghastly yesterday and kept me up two nights in a row.  Every time I have a “good” day I do thank G-d and at the same time, dread what’s coming.  I’m repeating myself but it’s never ending and I have nothing much to write about.

I did have my eye exam finally….more drops because the Restasis just about killed my eyes.  So drops daily and I go back in three months….but I will get my new improved (hopefully) glasses before then.  Still peeved that they screwed up the first time (the first eye doc, the one standing in for my regular guy who was on vacation, should have caught the dry eye.  That is why the prescription was wrong.  And he said it’s much different now, so we shall see.

Please pray for Ashley, the daughter of a friend of mine with NF.  She has much pain and is very young.  She just had a FIVE HOUR MRI.   Your prayers are most welcomed!!

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  1. Hi Sherri,

    Thank you for prayers for Ash. That means the world to me.

    Heck I would eat the Avocados anyway-sometimes those labs are just a pain in the neck! I've not tried coconut water, but I know that it's very popular right now.

    Our weather has been crazy, and I see Ashley's pain increase with weather changes, and I feel so badly for you. There have been some interesting cloud formations today to look at though (: . Give Oliver a scratch for me please, and take care of yourself! May your slumber tonight be peaceful, and may your dreams be happy ones!


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