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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Rough Stuff

Well,  my gums are infected from the root canal.  So now I’m on an antibiotic.  I take probiotics, I wonder if they’ll cancel each other out? Kidding!!!
This is what baffles me: Because of all the painkillers I take, It took forever for me to feel that there was something wrong before I finally went to the dentist.  But the recovery hurts like hell, even with the painkillers … I can’t win.
I read the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series a long time ago, then saw the original (Swedish version) and loved it.  No one could play Lisbeth like this Swedish actress.  But of course, the states has to make money off the books so they did their own version.  I don’t know how well it did, but I refused to see it.   I’m watching it again right now on Netfilx.  Great movie….
So it’s been a tough week.  I mentioned something about my blood pressure the last couple postings.   I realized a week or so ago that my BP went up when I introduced an anti depressant to my mix.  I wanted to see if I might be right so I weaned myself off (it only took a week) and today, at the GI doc, my BP was normal (for me).  Boy, was I glad of that; I do not need another health challenge.  
I’ve been having some interesting emails with another NF person regarding doctors and their lack of attention with us.  I was telling her my theory about doctors and chronically ill people like me.  Doctors are trained to heal, and if they can’t find what’s wrong, or can’t fix it, they move on to the next patient.  It’s just that simple.  In this day and age with the revolving doors of patients at medical offices , they just to have, or make, the time with each person.  Because of my issues, I’ve seen a lot of doctors on a regular basis, and I usually know something they don’t about whatever the issue is.  It’s a matter of being more familiar with my body and NF issues then he/she.
I have needed a laugh all week,  so before watching the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” movie I was watching Ally McBeal (Netflix also).  I can’t believe how it’s held up over the years…it was a bit ahead of it’s time in term of its’ quirkiness.  Still quite funny…a bit dated, but not much.  And I laughed out loud which I needed badly.  So if you’ve never seen it, give it a whirl.  If you use to watch it, watch it again! 
Plus, the music is fabulous….

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  1. Sherri,

    So glad you had a good laugh over Ally McBeal! Have you seen 'Julie and Julia'? I love that movie and it makes me feel good, although it also makes me HUNGRY with all of the delicious food Julie prepares! I've never been interested in reading the 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'. Should I be? Wish I could give you a million dollars Sherri. One thing I can do for you though is pray for you, and I do. Have a wonderful day!


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