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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Physically Frustrated

Frustration doesn’t begin to describe it.  I had that root canal yesterday and while I was there, they did a blood pressure test..  I’ve had two or three over the past several weeks for different reasons, and my bp is way too high….it’s ALWAYS been 110/70…one of the only things that works right for me.  My cholesterol is high, but I don’t worry about because I have too many other things to worry about with my body.  But now, just like Oliver (my cat) I have high blood pressure out of the blue.  My pain levels have been atrocious and nothing seems to help that or my bowels, so I guess it makes sense that my bp is high.  Ah, life. 
I took a taxi to the University of Washington Medical Center to see the neurosurgeon who wanted to see me “right away”.  Why, I’ll never know.  I was there in horrific pain so they put me in a room so I could lay down.  He came in and spoke with me, rapid fire, for all of five minutes, did a quick neurological (strength tests in arms, legs, etc.) so fast I could hardly keep up with his instructions.  Then he shook my hand and left.  I had told him all about my new symptoms but he seemed unbothered by them.  Probably has something to do with being on Medicare.  Who knows.
I’m trying not to worry about the bp because that just makes it worse…but it was so out of the blue, I couldn’t figure out why it is happening suddenly.  I’ve always had high pain levels but seldom does my bp go up; at least not as high as it was today and yesterday.  Today, before Dr. Quickdraw, they did a bp test and it was even higher than yesterday.  They said it was probably because my pain was so high; but as I mentioned, that didn’t seem to bother my bp before.
I can’t seem to catch a break, physically.  I’m going to meditate today, call on my helpers on the other side, and see if I can get it to go down.  I see a GI doc tomorrow, so I’m sure they’ll test it again.  Are we having fun yet?
Maybe it's because I started reading the news again.  Bad, Sherri, bad.  Turn off the news, I say.  Which reminds me;.  Rush Limbaugh..  Boycott the advertisers that are still with him.  Even if you think he’s the cat’s meow (can’t believe that people listen to that foul mouth of his….but the dittos out there do love him) no one could possibly agree with calling a woman a ‘slut’ and a ‘prostitute” for wanting the government to pay for a contraceptive to aid in OVARIAN CANCER, not having sex. I mean, the government pays for Viagra (the opposite of contraceptives, but still…the man’s organ rules why not contraceptives?
That’s my rant for today,  Gee, no wonder my bp is high, ya think?

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  1. better ways of avoiding root canal pain than to never see a dentist. root canal pain isn’t something to avoid the procedure because of. Getting a root canal is like getting a tooth pulled or a cavity filled. nice post.


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