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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Eye Yai Yai!

I was supposed to have a cataract removed Monday morning.  I got there, and was told they were running an hour behind schedule.  Not much I could do about that.  I found four chairs lined up together and was able to lie down.  Thirty minutes later, three staff people came out and explained to all of us waiting (no one had been called in at all during that time) that they were cancelling everyone due to an unexpected death of a staff member.  Very sad.

So I went back Tuesday and had it done.  I had to arrange different rides on Monday and Tuesday and again on Wednesday (my regular person was sick) for the follow-up. At present, my eyesight is blurred and I am actually seeing worse than before.  But they checked out my eyes on the follow-up and said it was fine, the healing is different for everyone.  I have to wear a Captain Sparrow patch (actually, it’s plastic) at night, and put in three different eye drops four times a day for four weeks.  That’s fun.  Just add it to all my other garbage I must take.

I think about all the people in the world who are so dependent on mediation to get through the day.  It completely freaks me out when I realize how little it would take to lose access to all of them and what I would do should that happen.  I started to watch   film based on a real life story about difficult it is to get medical supply companies to listen to new ideas….this one being retractable needles to end the hundreds of thousand accidental needle pricks to medical staff.  It’s called “Puncture”.  I couldn’t finish it.  That kind of stuff angers me and anger isn’t good for pain.

I’m so bored I could scream.  I go out for three days in a row and it’s hard on my body but then I want to go out again because I realize just how bad my cabin fever is.  I don’t notice it when I go for a week without leaving the house, but as soon as I do I realize just how cramped in I am.  Currently, my entertainment is feeding the squirrels and the blue jays.  Pathetic.  I even have this Halloween skeleton rigged up to scare away the blue jays when they get to aggressive and scare away the squirrels.  Anything to keep me occupied!

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